Renovation of a historic monument equipped with blackout and solar screens blinds

This industrial building erected in 1895 has been declared a Historic Monument thanks to the countless activities that it housed before eventually becoming a storage space. It was finally purchased by the Ivry Town Council in 2010, when the municipality’s Théâtre des Quartiers needed a space. Today it is a perfectly adapted multicultural venue.

The refurbishment project has aptly preserved the spirit of this building while incorporating architectural elements such as solar protection systems in an auditorium with seating for 400 people, the rehearsal hall, the amateur theatre workshop, with a surface of 120 m², and the conference hall, with its 500-m² surface.

Bandalux took part in this project, providing the 100% blackout and Polyscreen® fabrics for the building and its annex buildings, and hence affording optimal sunlight management. The horizontal shades for the panoramic ceiling, the Z-Box roller shades for the ground floor and the Premium Plus and Arion roller shades for large glass surfaces offer the users optimal comfort in each and every one of the spaces of this monumental building.

This magnificent project entailed an extensive, detailed study to maximise the thermal efficiency of the building’s solar protection systems, as well as high-precision adjustments for the perfect installation of the shades in tiered, perpendicular and diagonal positions, in keeping with each case.

Bandalux interior blinds
Bandalux Premium Plus motorized blinds

Polyscreen 550 fabric

Bandalux interio roller blinds

Premium Plus and Arion roller blinds with Polyscreen fabrics

Bandalux Premium Plus motorized blinds

Polyscreen 550 fabric

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