Fun for all the family at Ketteler Hof on seamless safety flooring

Lena Grosch

On April 1st, the Ketteler Hof leisure park in Haltern am See opened an indoor play centre with nine different theme worlds covering a total are of around 2,000 m².

The kids can embark on an exciting world tour that takes them from the North Pole to Alps and even into space! In the toddlers play area, where the theme is taken from a German parlour game called “Stadt-Land-Fluss” (town, country, river), a playfix® indoor safety floor from BSW in Bad Berleburg provides the required safe surface for soft landings.

Romping around in a corn bath, riding on tractors, building an obstacle course with their parents – the toddlers’ area focuses squarely on enjoying physical activity, combining the experiences of play with senses and feelings. Famous for imaginative playing areas, the Ketteler Hof adventure park’s philosophy encourages children to join in actively, rather than consume passively. That can be felt in all individual areas, right down to the smallest detail, and in this respect, the playfix® indoor floor from BSW conforms to the park operator’s requirements.

On the one hand, the structure of elastic protective layer and seamless PU surface guarantees the safety of the little explorers, because playfix® indoor has certified fall protection properties for fall heights of up to 3 metres. On the other, the coloured design possi-bilities transform the floor itself into a piece of playing apparatus. For instance, the architect of the indoor area, Jolanta Teschner from the Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Teschner bureau for garden and landscape design in Dülmen, has designed a river flowing through a green meadow. This doesn’t only integrate the playfix® floor into the “town-country-river” theme, but also encourages the children to include the floor in their games. Fixed playing equipment, such as the large tractor in the corn/ball pool, is enclosed seamlessly by playfix® indoor.

playfix® indoor’s PU surface is pleasantly warm under foot; a great benefit, as all indoor areas can only be entered in stocking feet. Besides, playfix® indoor complies with antislip category “R10” in accordance with DIN 51130 and can therefore be classified as an extremely non-slipping surface.

For BSW, this is already the second project at Ketteler Hof, for which they have provided the safety flooring. In the Pixie Village and on the adventure crazy golf course, two of the countless creative playing areas in the park’s outdoor section, playfix® safety flooring was laid in 2008. The new indoor play area now offers a fascinating range of playing options for the cold season as well.

playfix® indoor safety flooring at Ketteler Hof Indoor.
playfix® indoor safety flooring at Ketteler Hof Indoor.

In the toddlers play area at Ketteler Hof a playfix® indoor safety floor from BSW provides the required safe surface for soft landings.

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