High Performance Rubber Door

ACF Industries, LLC, originally known as The American Car and Foundry Company, was formed in 1899. Through the years they have produced some of the best rail transportation equipment in American history.

At their manufacturing facility in Milton, PA, ACF decided to purchase a high-speed roll-up door since the existing unit was shredded after daily wear and tear of rail cars impacting the exterior of the curtain, and blasting occurring on the interior of the curtain.

We recommended the Extreme Performance Rubber Door due to its ability to stand up to the blast booth’s punishing requirements. In addition, its impactable design would lower repair costs from any rail car collisions.

Bob Greenly, ACF Industry’s Plant Engineering Safety & Environmental Administrator commented, "Cornell’s Extreme Performance Rubber Door is the right product for the application. We are very happy with the way the door operates - it greatly solves our needs." He continued, "When our second opening needs a replacement door, we will purchase another Cornell Extreme Rubber Door".


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