Delmar Gardens on the Green

Crystal Fountains Inc.

Water Garden at First Class Retirement Centre

Who doesn't love the calming, relaxing effect that a garden can have on you? At Delmar Gardens on the Green, one of the highest ranked nursing homes in Chesterfield, the positive effects of gardens and water were combined in a water feature, which takes the form of a dandelion as the nozzles spray and collide.

The unique and vibrant gardens of the center contribute to Delmar's commitment to upholding the highest standards of facilities, care, and excellence. Their dedication and devotion to caring for seniors goes far beyond the beauty of each of their nursing centers and retirement communities; it is reflected in the care they provide, in the warmth of their staff and in the services and amenities offered to residents

The water features on the property enhance the peaceful uplifting ambiance that the center promotes, offering residents top quality care in an equally impressive environment.

Delmar Gardens on the Green

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