Shops at Downtown Summerlin

Crystal Fountains Inc.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Long known for the glitz and glamour of its world famous Strip, Las Vegas has begun to grow its reputation as an ideal destination for premium master planned communities. Leading the charge, Downtown Summerlin is a 106 acre mixed-use development complete with dining, entertainment, a 9 story office building, and a 125 store luxury shopping complex. Located 20 minutes from the city center, the development’s traditional downtown setting integrates a network of streets, landscaped boulevards, and public open spaces designed to enhance land value, create address, and enrich the social experience for residents and visitors alike.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of nearby Red Rock Canyon, Downtown Summerlin’s pedestrian areas offer an elegant blend of climate and comfort. The landscapes utilize local flora that is well suited for desert living, while 4 distinct water features anchor the outdoor gathering spaces and provide a measure of thermal relief for shoppers exploring the complex.

Due to the famously arid desert atmosphere, the water features in Downtown Summerlin had to be environmentally friendly while maintaining maximum visual appeal. In accordance with these design parameters, low-flow effects with minimal evaporative loss, like pop jets and water-walls, were selected for each fountain while incorporating attractive elements. The pop jet fountain in particular can entertain guests with a variety of energetic sequencing shows, propelling water droplets skyward and creating patterns in the elevated water table by disrupting its surface tension.

Keeping with the environmental specifications, the Downtown Summerlin complex has achieved a certified LEED Silver rating through a combination of innovative control strategies, proper water management, and appropriate effect selection.

Shops at Downtown Summerlin

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