Strike stool, the perfect design for hospitality


Strike stool at Burger-Pizzetta, Moscow

Strike stool, manufactured by Debi, has been selected for BURGER PIZZETTA based in Европейский, ТЦ "Европейский", Kiyevsky Station Square, 2, Moskva, Russia, 121059.

“Burger & Pizzetta” is a new concepts breaking different stereotypes of the usual representation of the restaurant in shopping malls.

The interior design was developed by Maria Zhukova Bureau of Architecture «MMZ Projest» (Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, ​tc.). From the panoramic windows of Burger & Pizzetta opens the view on the epicenter of the city life: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, the "Ukraina" Hotel, the skyscraper at Krasnaya Presnya and Government of Moscow complex at Novy Arbat.

A bright Art Deco style object, also a symbol of the restaurant - three-meter brass rhinoceros is placed on leather belts in the heart of the restaurant.

Strike stool, the perfect design for hospitality

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