Boury Restaurant (BE)

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Space as a prerequisite for creativity.

"Space as a prerequisite for creativity." With this slogan in mind, star chef Tim Boury and hostess Inge Waeles started looking for a new restaurant location two years ago. A new building was found only 2 kilometers from the old location and after a complete renovation, the Boury team is ready to welcome their guests.

The extra space provided by the villa in fifties style, was used primarily to increase the guests comfort: a light-filled dining room, a terrace with showcooking in the outdoor kitchen, a closed parking lot and the stay-the-night concept 'Caspium by Boury' with 3 guest rooms. Finally, a separate room called ‘Musa’ with garden view was designed to serve as a business lounge for meetings and conferences.

According to chef Tim Boury, this new location offers many opportunities for the restaurant to evolve in all its versatility.

Boury Restaurant (BE)