ThyssenKrupp AG, Essen, Germany

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Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO

The new site of the ThyssenKrupp AG corporate headquarters officially has had its grand-opening on June 17. 2010. A new era for the company has begun, by focusing its administration on the long-standing locations in Essen and Duisburg.

Up till now, the Essen quarters has centralized its administration from various locations and has become the heart of the entire corporate group.

The requirements of sustainable handling with raw material resources have been accommodated in terms of the planning and realization of the building and its open-air grounds.

This is reflected in an efficient power supply concept as well as in the selection of mostly locally found material, and enhances the heat and air conditioning concept of the buildings.

ThyssenKrupp professes to economically sustainable principles and has high standards. The German Sustainable Building Council has already awarded this project with the German Sustainable Building Council Golden Seal of Quality.

To reduce the power requirements of individual and large offices, the Waldmann free standing luminaire ATARO, which is regulated based on the presence detection and incoming daylight, is used at the ThyssenKrupp quarters. This means, light is only there where it is needed, and just as much as it is needed. Therefore, the actual consumption of the individual luminaires can be reduced up to 50 % in comparison to the installed lights. The ATARO free standing luminaire is equipped with the communication interface LON, and thus becomes part of an intelligent building. LON is responsible for maximum energy efficiency, room automation for the assembly section of illumination, shade, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and is operated via phone.

Through such an intelligent solution, maximum flexibility of the interior design has been achieved, as well as reduced energy for all assembly sections in the room.

ThyssenKrupp AG, Essen, Germany

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