Weser Tower, Bremen, Germany

H. Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO

The former grounds of the Weser station in Bremen, is flourishing once again. The protruding Weser tower, which was designed by the architect Helmut Jahn (Chicago), is located at the heart of the Weser quarter. The tower is approx. 82 meters high and thus, is the largest building in Bremen. The main tenants are subsidiary companies of the power supplier EWE AG, in the areas of technology and communication.

Sustainability has been a major focus during the planning period. In addition, the tower has been built to ensure that it is used sufficiently; taken the requirements of the spatial changes into consideration. Therefore, a high degree on flexibility and efficiency is required when it comes to illuminating the building.

The free-standing and desk-mounted luminaire ATARO by Waldmann has been selected for the lighting of all the offices and conference rooms in the building. The ATARO is equipped with the unique Waldmann PULSE sensor system. On one hand, the passive infrared sensor (PIR) captures the presence of a person, and turns off automatically after the person has left the room. On the other hand, when a person is present, the sensor technology also controls the light output of the luminaire according to the day light level.

All luminaires are designed to be connected to the KNX building management system. Thus, the potential to additionally save energy can be utilized through the exchange of information between the different systems, such as the heating, air-conditioning, ventilator and lighting.

Weser Tower, Bremen, Germany

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