SWAN, Dortmund, Germany

H. Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

The 'SWAN' building complex in Dortmund combines office premises with penthouse apartments for private residents.

The building has office premises measuring from 280 to 2600 square metres, it has a total of 70 underground parking spaces for cars and an attractively planted internal courtyard. When choosing companies to carry out the work, property developer Opländer Phoenix-See GmbH & Co. KG prioritised the use of skilled local service providers. Accordingly, almost all of the companies involved on this build were Dortmund-based businesses. Architectural practice Drahtler took charge of the architectural design and planning of the building. The traditional Dortmund HVAC company of Louis Opländer provided technical equipment throughout the building.

The interior spaces of the 'SWAN' employ lighting solutions from Waldmann. LAVIGO free-standing luminaires provide the equivalent of natural daylight inside the office premises. The quality, design, efficiency and, last but not least, the ergonomics of this kind of luminaire, combined to create an atmospheric and compelling overall impression, and to success in the selection process. Furthermore, the very latest technologies deliver high efficiency ratings and low power consumption levels. As yet another plus point, the perfectly matched ratio of direct and indirect lighting ensures that illumination complies fully with standards. These components can be dimmed separately and allow for an individual setting of the lighting.

SWAN, Dortmund, Germany

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