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H. Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Waldmann luminaires in line with demand in Lapp's European Administration Centre

With its new construction of a central administration building in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the Lapp Group is setting new standards: for quicker and better customer service, for its location, for the appreciation of its own employees and as future-oriented company. Its open office concept and high-quality equipment have been tailored exactly to the needs of this traditional family-owned company. Even its lighting solutions have been specifically adjusted to Lapp's requirements. They, too, come from a Baden-Württemberg family-owned company, the luminaire manufacturer Waldmann.

All luminaires are distinguished by a design vocabulary reduced to the essential, high energy efficiency and excellent light quality.

Thus, LAVIGOs with their long light head light a twin workplace particularly uniformly. This workplace provides each Lapp employee with two monitors. Here, too, Waldmann's solution has shown that it is extremely low-glare compared with other task luminaires, even though it has a very high illuminance of more than 1000 lux. All these factors show that these luminaires meet the high requirements of the manufacturer in terms of the ergonomics of its luminaires and allow Lapp employees to work at their new workplaces without getting tired.

The design of the luminaires also integrates them optimally into the office concept. In a special design, even the white colour of the luminaires matches the colour of the desks at which they are used. The fastening of the luminaires to the desks has also been solved by means of a project-specific adapter. These details show the high aesthetic demand of the project.

Other work areas are also equipped with Waldmann luminaires. The IDOO.line suspended luminaires with their purist design are used at single workplaces for concentrated individual work. They can also be found in the think tanks. An area predestined for working with mobile devices. In this connection, the high anti-glare features of the luminaires demonstrate their strengths in terms of light technology and their advantages for the equipment of modern work areas. As stylistic counterpart at all work areas featuring round desks, the VIVAA luminaires, likewise of round design, provide the right light.

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Suspended Luminaire IDOO.line

© Photography Eduardo Perez

Suspended Luminaire IDOO.line

© Photography Eduardo Perez

Pendelleuchte VIVAA

© Photography Eduardo Perez

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