Decoration: Original hand paintings for Hotel Mas Lazuli (Costa Brava - Spain)

ICI ET LÀ, Barcelona

Large formats artworks by The Catman for decoration hotel

We provided a numerous large format artworks for the new charming hotel boutique Mas Lazuli (Costa Brava). These paintings complete the elaborate decoration of the lounge, restaurant and rooms.

All the artwork has been hand painted by the Catalan artist The Catman for Ici et Là.

Techniques: acrylic on canvas, wood structure

Sizes: from 80x80 cm to 180x120 cm - thickness: 6 cm

Tomorrow, large format painting and 50 x 50 paintings by The Catman (Hotel Maz Lazuli, lounge)
Hommes bleus large format painting by The Catman (room)

Mali, triptych painting by The Catman (room)

Gato rojo, large format painging by The Catman (Lounge)

Large painting by The Catman (Hotel Mas Lazuli, restaurant)

Candelabro 100x100, original hand painted by The Catman (Hotel Mas Lazuli, room)