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Case Study - Wilkinson School

iLockerz Ltd

iLockerz system to securely store and manage valuable school laptops

UK based Wilkinson School identified an issue with the management of valuable school laptops with access to confidential information.

The Schools Challenges...

Staff laptops that are used daily for teaching and lesson planning, as well as administration and compliance purposes, are vital for the learning of pupils at Wilkinson School.

The School needed a way to secure these laptops to reduce the risk of theft or unauthorised access to software containing sensitive pupil information.

The laptops also needed to be ready for use, but with the previous method of storing laptops in cupboards overnight, teachers were often finding laptops had no battery life and needed to be connected to a power supply before use.

Our Solution...

The iLockerz team worked with Wilkinson School to identify the best system for their requirements, providing a 12-compartment locker system allows the school to securely manage access and charge these vital pieces of equipment. If teachers do not require their laptop for use at home, they now securely store it in the iLockerz system which also charges the laptop so that it is ready for use the next morning.

Teachers also use the lockers to store and charge any personal technology or their laptops while they are on lunchtime duties or on a break away from the classroom, giving the peace of mind that their laptops and the information on them are secure.

Mrs Gibbon, Head Teacher at Wilkinson School Said: “The new locker system is proving very successful with all of our staff. We rely on these computers to assist our teachers in providing quality learning to our pupils and with sensitive pupil information that can be accessed via software installed on these laptops, it is imperative that we take all measures to ensure that only authorised members of staff can gain access to this information.”

“iLockerz has allowed us to address these issues and provides an additional secure charging point for personal items such as mobile phones or tablets should our teachers require it.”

Colour matched intelligent iLockerz system at Wilkinson School
Colour matched intelligent iLockerz system at Wilkinson School

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