Waterfront harmony


Today we want to present you an elegant penthouse located on Spain´s Costa Blanca, a project by Pepe Cabrera Arquitectura e interiorismo, in which Nacaré Collection by Inalco with a 100×100 cm format has been chosen.

Costa Blanca is one of the most popular tourist areas of the Comunidad Valenciana. This penthouse is on the beach front and has privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea. But if the views are excellent, the interior design of this project is even better. Pepe Cabrera´s project conveys peace and serenity, and stands out for its great attention and care for all the details. The white and the pastel tones dominate all the spaces, with some punctual touches of color in paintings, decorative elements and the children´s rooms. To create this aesthetic, Nacaré´s Blanco Plus colour is perfect.

Pepe Cabrera´s interior design for this project also highlights the creation of a diaphanous space in the main dining and kitchen areas. The kitchen can be closed by glass separators that allow to separate both spaces if necessary. In addition, the use of sliding cristal doors optimize the available space in the corridors and rooms, creating a sense of greater amplitude.

The owner of the penthouse is a lover of motorcycles, which can be clearly seen in the Sanglas vintage motorcycle displayed at the entrance, that adds a touch of personality and fantasy.

The choice of Nacaré porcelain tile as the flooring throughout the house is perfect and contributes to convey the purity of the white and the light of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the Perlino marble, this Slimmker slim porcelain tile collection and Blanco Plus colour fuses the classicism of an exquisite marble with the modernity of this innovative model.

In the bathrooms, Magma collection with Moka colour has been chosen as wall tiles. This collection is inspired by natural basalt rock and perfectly fits with Nacaré´s marble design. Also, some elegant mosaics have been created cutting pieces of Nacaré as an additional decorative element.

Finally, the pirate decoration of the children’s room provides a fun touch of color and connects with the nearby beach and Mediterranean Sea.

We especially want to thank Pepe Cabrera for sharing this outstanding project with us, and for their kindness and continued collaboration.

Project Technical File:

Penthouse in Costa Blanca (Comunidad Valenciana – Spain).

Project, interior design & architecture:Pepe Cabrera Arquitectura e interiorismo

Floor tile Nacaré Blanco Plus Natural 100×100 cm.

Bathroom wall tile: Magma Moka Natural 100×100 cm.

Waterfront harmony

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