LAMINAM 12 mm for the bathroom

Laminam S.p.A.

2017 Bagno, Private House Cava - Bianco Lasa 1620x3240x12mm

The space designed as a retreat for ablutions and the pursuit of general wellbeing displays the delicate hues of Laminam surfaces; it is easy to relax in a bathroom where soft shades are conducive to inner peace and hygiene is guaranteed thanks to the ceramic material itself.  

Minimalist, linear design for the wall-mounted vanity top with integrated washbasin and the vanity storage unit, both in the texture Cava - Bianco Lasa 1620x3240x12 mm, one of 31 surfaces available in the catalogue, a magnifying glass on the natural quarry that unveils precious elements and veining that are remarkably realistic.

Naturally hygienic, Laminam ceramic slabs require very little maintenance and are resistant to chemical products: they are also suitable for use in critical spaces such as spas and Turkish baths, offering a totally natural material that is resistant to humidity and practical for support surfaces or wall coverings, given the absence of joints.

Laminam ceramic slab properties:

• Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion

• Resistant to mildew and fungi

• Resistant to stains

• Resistant to chemicals

• Resistant to UV rays

• Intrinsic hygienic quality

• Low maintenance and easy cleaning

• Easy processing

• Suitable for contact with food

Bathroom, Private Residence
Bathroom, Private Residence

Cava - Bianco Lasa 1620x3240x12mm

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