S. Maria della Scala Hospitale - Siena - Italy

The location of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala and of the former hospital complex of Vallepiatta has significantly contributed to the choice of materials. The yards are located in the historic center, between the Duomo square and the Contrada della Selva. Getting here and working here is often a real problem, especially from the point of view of logistics of materials and means: Narrow streets and lack of space make it really complicated operations that in other places would be easy to execute. There is almost no shipbuilding area: every inch of space must be fully used and, in particular, the use of a crane is impractical.

The solution to the logistical problem was found in the use of PLASTBAU® Floors.

The features linked to each other, which determined the choice, were: lightness, rapidity of laying and cost reduction.

The trailer truck that carries the PLASTBAU® Metal Floors takes the Siena West exit of the Florence-Siena freeway and, along the Via Fontebranda, reaches a dismal area of ​​the former Siena Petroli, the only site relatively close to the yard where It is possible, for space available, to get the trucks and proceed with the storage of raw materials. PLASTBAU® Floor comes from here one by one by hand on a small van that carries them to the yard. Here are enough two people to load and unload the van and proceed immediately with fast-moving laying.


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