Wave Towers - Jesolo (Venice) - Italy

In the new City Beach of Jesolo, in the province of Venice, Italy, the new vertical bet were the modern Wave Towers: 58 apartments spread across two skyscrapers included in a new and dynamic context. Two towers that rise on a common basement accompanied by pool and open space / garden, which have relatively the name of Gold and Platinum Tower. The Gold tower, which is characterized by an external amber and hot hue, is articulated on 16 levels above ground with 32 units. The Platinum Tower instead, externally have a colder-metallic color, and consists of 13 levels above ground for a total of 26 units.

An engineering challenge was the construction of two buildings so high on a predominantly sandy soil, being in a seaside town near the beach. Resulting purpose then was to try to lighten up the tower complex: and it was achieved thanks to the use of about 4,000 square meters of Floor Plastbau Metal POLIESPANSO. In fact, thanks to the extreme lightness of this eco-friendly material, anti-seismic and energy efficient, it was possible to drastically reduce the weight of the two towers, increasing security and site speed. In addition, the floor Plastbau have contributed the aim of obtaining a building with high energy efficiency and living comfort that has reached the certification of class A.


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