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Coffee break at Bibal


A brand-new head office on the Saint-Aunès eco-business estate in the Hérault, for the coffee roasting company Cafés Bibal.

With a low energy consumption label, the temple to coffee was designed to eco-responsible specifications. The most obvious proof: the Profils Systèmes factory whose aluminium profile has been used on the Cafés Bibal building, is only a few hundred metres away, and Alutech (Jacou), the manufacturer, just a few kilometres further! Other materials (wood, cladding) has also come from Languedoc or are of an ecological nature: Poncebloc® pumice based insulation material, recycled steel, polycarbonate glazing and planted areas around the façade.

The positive-energy building (industrial process included), delivered in 2014 and winner of the French Environment Agency “Low-Energy Consumption Building” award, is innovative in more than one respect: geothermics with capture of the heat naturally present in the underground water table, 1,000 sq.m. of photovoltaic solar panels, efficient natural lighting (light wells), LED technology for the lighting, modulation of the lighting according to the natural light from the exterior and the actual structure of the building - the masonry ensures thermal inertia in the centre and the façades, made of wood combined with steel, form a light envelope for the building.

Referenced by the French Environment Agency and the Languedoc-Roussillon* Region, the project received a 300,000 euro subsidy covering 10% of the total investment. From a production standpoint, “the coffee roasting zone extends over an unobstructed space of 400 sq.m., thanks to a 24-metre steel span”, explained Frédéric Jauvion, the project architect.

The characteristic Satin Road Factory Spirit® range of square-shaped, high-performance sliding doors captivated the architect, Frédéric Jauvion (Montpellier): “A complete change from round profile. I really like these sharp angles”.

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Project Management, architect: Frédéric Jauvion St-Aunès (34) -

Contracting authority: Cafés BIBAL -

Floor area: 2 600 m2

Cost: 2,7M€HT

Project calendar & delivery: juillet 2013

Energy saving, HVAC engineers: Calder Ingénierie Montpellier (34)

Joinery: Profils Systèmes

Gamme Satin Road® / Tanagra® Curtain wall

Color ranges: Noir Volcan – Terra Cigala®

Manufacturer / installer: Alu-Tech Jacou (34)

Photos: Richard Sprang - Cafés Bibal

Coffee break at Bibal

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