SABO project

A bold, geometric renovation that brings a contemporary loft into an old industrial building

In case you haven’t heard, Brooklyn, New York, is the place to be. The steady mass exodus of Manhattanites escaping sky high rent has…quickly drive rent sky high in Brooklyn. But it has also meant the renovation of a number of existing buildings. The Doehler loft is one such project.

The Franco-American design office SABO project completely reinvented the space, which is located in a die casting factory built in 1913. The team had to dig through a previous renovation to uncover raw concrete columns and ceilings as well as over a meter of additional ceiling height. The inclusion of the concrete serves both as a tribute to the building’s industrial origins, but also to vastly expand the space.

Taking full advantage of the new ceiling space, the architects used partitions to forge a dynamic, multi-leveled loft. Natural light floods the space and is amplified by the use of transparent materials and bright white. Ample storage, stairs and a home office were integrated directly into the partitions. The misaligned box facade of the partitions adds intrigue and contrast to the stark white and concrete backdrop.

The geometric forms continue with a veritable mural of diamond tiles in the bathroom. Three colors and nine shades wrap the room in graphic patterns.