archimontage creates chokchai 4, an oasis from the bustle of bangkok

archimontage design fields sophisticated
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a plot surrounded by an automotive body shop, gas station, apartment complex, and dilapidated jungle may not be most peoples’ first choice when selecting land.

fortunately however, the clients who selected just such a lot quickly made another decision to commission thai studio archimontage design fields sophisticated. the team happily took on the challenge, and developed a three part plan to make ‘chokchai 4 house’ the best it could be.

the concept, as one might expect, focuses on creating an idyllic hiding place from the outside world. this is accomplished by three components: a continuous circulation ‘ramp’, an open air central courtyard, and a perforated metal curtain that wraps around the structure. the resulting interior serves precisely its intended purpose, and sets the tone for other design inclusions such as accents of red, a large planted tree, and pond.

the approach to ‘chokchai 4′ marks the beginning of the ‘ramp’ that allows access to all parts of the home. starting from the entrance, it continues past the parking space and courtyard, after which it enters the interior. here, are located a drawing studio, dining room and kitchen. passing through a door in the kitchen, the ramp continues upstairs where it passes two bedrooms, circles back around the courtyard, and dead ends at the family’s main living room.

similar to a fabric blind that gently creates privacy, the mesh curtain wraps and embraces the second floor. extended several feet from the structure, it avoids feeling too containing, and doesn’t interfere with window usage. as the outer reaches of the home are primarily dedicated to providing a barrier, the courtyard functions as the home’s green space. a small pond can be found adjacent to a large tree, and the absence of a ceiling allows for a clear view of the sky and the enjoyment of rain. ‘chokchai 4′ was designed by archimontage design fields sophisticated, and is located in bangkok, thailand.

archimontage creates chokchai 4, an oasis from the bustle of bangkok

view from dilapidated adjacent lot


looking up through the central area of the home


tree and mini green area


looking through the central courtyard into dining room


view through second floor window

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