tomek michalski designs a contemplative cabin in the forest

tomek michalski
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polish designer tomek michalski makes his foray into the architectural world with a design for a secluded cabin in the forest

a polygonal form that minimizes its physical impact with its surroundings, the cabin comfortably houses at least 2-3 people and serves as a place of refuge in what is envisioned as a cold and misty landscape. large glass panels allow the surrounding forest to become part of the interior design, contrasted by the plywood interior. the ground level contains a living space, kitchen, and bathroom while a ladder provides access to the second-story bedroom with a dramatic sloping roof and vertical window at the head of the bed. the cabin serves as a backdrop for contemplation and introspection, being constructed of the same material that makes up its vegetative home.

view of the exterior

view of the exterior


rooftop skylight


ground-level living space


kitchen area


upper story bedroom