Green Apartment

Special Project Venediktov
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Special Project Venediktov designed a new home for a young family in a high-rise building in Kiev, creating an illusion of a larger space through a sophisticated color palette.

Special Project Venediktov, has reorganized the space of an apartment inside a high-rise residential building to create a new home for a young family. The apartment is situated on the 30th floor of one of the highest buildings in Kiev; its panoramic windows open on a spectacular view of the city and the Dnieper River.

An illusion of a larger space, compared to the actual parameters of the area, is created through a sophisticated color palette. The colors of the interior vary depending on different shades of natural light, and are changed significantly in artificial lighting. The “Green Apartment” keeps altering its looks throughout the day; the interior is different in the morning, the day, and the evening, changing the atmosphere of the apartment with it.

The apartment contains an open space consisting of the living room and the kitchen separated by a glass wall which allows light to freely pass through. The entrance hall, that includes the guest bathroom, is part of the open space providing access to the panoramic view from the window right from the doorway.

Perpendicular to the hall, there is a corridor leading to the private section, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Special premises accommodating a home office, a home cinema, and a bar, from inside which you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Green Apartment

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