IoT Valley

Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
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Created in 2011, IoT Valley is a cluster of companies located in the town of Labège, in the greater area of Toulouse in France. This ecosystem is specialized in the Internet of Things, speciality that gave its name to the complex: IoT. The Connected Camp startup accelerator was then launched in 2015, followed by Genesis in 2018, an e-learning platform dedicated to innovation and the Internet of Things.

IoT Valley is now a complex gathering 35 startups and 18 partner companies over 13 000 m² ambitionning to develop the best ecosystem in the world of the Internet of Things. With this aim in mind was initiated a major building project, of which the first phase is the construction of a 27 000m² building by 2021.

This first 6-story building will gather working and co-working spaces, a modular agora, learning centers, parking ramps, a shopping area and a 137-room hotel.

The building is designed to express the diversity of activities that is characteristic of the IoT Valley. It is in constant motion, evolving, adapting to and accompanying the startups that are being fostered inside of it. The working spaces located on the ground floor are transparent and open to the public, while the ones located on the upper floors, dedicated to more advanced projects, are flexible and modular.

The modular workspaces release their occupants from the constraints of mere functionalism and allow them to profit from exterior influences.

Seen from the outside, the building is a reflection of the project with a wide diversity of facades, spaced out levels creating extended terraces and outdoor walking paths.

Landscape design is a key element of this project, both inside (with wide collective spaces connecting the different floors) and outside, all around the building. Amongst the amenities, a track field and a public forum are representative of the complex’s philosophy: Mens sana in corpore sano. Two patios - inside and outside - question the relation between interior and exterior. Fully integrated to the architecture, these patios double as an accessway to the upper floors. The exterior layout ensures continuity between the public space and the IOT’s outoor and working spaces.

IoT Valley