paulo martins constructs the GR house from irregular forms in portugal

paulo martins
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portuguese architect, paulo martins, has created the GR house in sever do vouga, portugal.

the design of the project is a result of the irregular geometry of the site and the desire to turn the villa to face the impressive views of the area. the resulting concept mimics the surrounding nature as the house becomes an inverted volume, except the eastern wing which is articulated as a more open space, boosting incredible views beyond.

the GR house by paulo martins is characterized by its irregular forms and earthy colors and tones. there are few openings on the elevations and light is gained instead from patios and skylights. upon arrival at the house, users are led to the entrance by a series of ramps which articulate the transition between indoors and outdoors. an overzied door at the entrance then greets and invites people into the warm interior of the home.

the reception areas of the house face eastwards towards the valley and the more private zones westwards towards the road. these spaces are separated by a large indoor patio which it is possible to walk around, creating enriched spatial and visual dynamics. the indoor spaces are defined by the generous illumination which points towards the valley. the design by paulo martins creates an introspective house with a clear indoor/outdoor duality while announcing it’s detachment from the immediate surroundings.

paulo martins constructs the GR house from irregular forms in portugal

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