OFIS inserts an internal glazed atrium in the heart of 'house portico' in ljubljana

OFIS architects
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slovenian practice, OFIS architects, has designed ‘house portico‘ for a private client in the city center of ljubljana.

the typical houses in the area are characterized by the raised ground level, built to provide flood protection and allow natural light and ventilation permeate basement spaces. at the entrances of these buildings, a portico was typically attached. the concept behind this residential project seeks to follow this typology by creating a raised entrance level and inviting light into all spaces.

the scheme by OFIS creates a raised ground floor which contains the main living spaces. the entrance is articulated by a portico, enclosing a wide staircase to reach the house. the floorplan clearly divides the family program: semi-underground level as leisure opening towards half-lower backyard garden, ground floor as living-dining with terrace, first level as children and top level as parent’s area. the building opens towards the south elevation with tree-covered terraces, creating gardens in front of each room level and gradually achieving a smaller footprint on the roof level.

as the program brief used 40% of the plot site, the concept proposed elevated terrace platforms towards the south and an additional internal glazed atrium in the heart of the building. this internal space functions as a source of natural light and ventilation between the dining and living area, an external summer breakfast place and ends at basement level as an intimate internal courtyard between lower entrance from the parking and the guest room. this internal courtyard also becomes the center, or heart, of the house, providing a stimulating visual connection between spaces, and bringing a touch of nature into the home.

OFIS inserts an internal glazed atrium in the heart of 'house portico' in ljubljana

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