MIA design studio sites luxury villas along the coast of vietnam

MIA design studio
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along with the foliage-filled spa building, MIA design studio have also designed the accompanying, luxury naman villas based by the pristine shores of da nang city in vietnam.

offering a multi-dimensional landscape with infinity pools and tropical gardens, the villas themselves are comprised of a series of refined spaces, each instilling a feeling of openness and connected to the tropical landscape.

at the core, a linear communal living space is made up of the dining room and lounge which opens at both sides leading towards the residence and towards the swimming pool in. ‘to maximize the project’s efficiency, the master-plan is well organized but the way is too narrow with high density. within this condition, our team’s goal is to make a creative and effective design to not only satisfied maximum privacy but also create extra benefits from natural voids and gardens.’ comments MIA design studio

MIA design studio sites luxury villas along the coast of vietnam

the linear, living space opens up at both sides


the open-plan and spacious layout makes for a comfortable living environment


outside, the sunken seating is based next to the infinity pool


located at da nang, the beach and coast is a stone’s throw away from the villas


a large dining table looks out towards the ocean