Private Car Lift with high specification


Residential unit - Pembridge Square, London, England

Safety, accuracy and low maintenance

The car elevator is located on the alley of a private London residential unit. The cabin roof is coated in granite paving and is part of the alley when the elevator is not in use. The cabin is made from high quality, black, perforated steel and architectural glass materials.

A 4 LinkLift system is used to cover the 8.5 metre stroke at a speed of 120 mm/sec.

A vehicle can be parked on the elevator roof while it is operating. This makes it possible to take a vehicle down to the underground car park without having to move the vehicle parked on the roof which is part of the alley.

The SERAPID lifting solution does not require any machine room, and the full drive system is located in the elevator pit, underneath it. The elevation system has all the advantages of the highly accurate, reliable and low sound level SERAPID rigid chain. The installation requires very little servicing and avoids all high capacity hydraulic elevator issues.

Private Car Lift with high specification

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