Hospitality Solutions


Sileather™ silicone fabrics are the top choice in hospitality. Not only are our fabrics the perfect alternative to leather, but we feature trending designs to customize to your establishment.

Sileather™ fabrics are easy to clean - all you need is water for most stains! Our fabrics are highly durable, stain resistant, fade resistant, and have a uniquely soft texture that delivers the ultimate in comfort and quality.

Hospitality Solutions

We understand that in hospitality, you need to provide the ultimate in quality and comfort for your patrons, and that's where we can help. Our fabrics are made to last, while giving your venue style and class.

​Advantages and Features

We use non-solvent and plasticizer-free techniques allowing Sileather™ to have ultra-low VOCs

​Sileather™ fabrics are easy to clean, anti-mold, and are tough enough to be used daily for years

Our unique soft hand touch feeling provides for more comfort and relaxation

We are eco-friendly and have passed several environmental standards including RoHS, REACH, and California Prop 65

Hospitality Solutions

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