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Władysławowo, Poland

Terra Group

Flower Tower

In Władysławowo two places required some changes, both equally important from the point of view of the tourists as well as the citizens. First of all, the Avenue of Sports Stars required some changes, which is the first avenue dedicated to the Polish and foreign athletes. I was a little bit grey and monotonous although it is one of the most popular places in the neighborhood, frequently visited by the tourists. This place lacked of the flower elements, vivid colors, which would diversify the surroundings of the avenue. The second place which required to be planted was the City Hall Entrance, placed in the Fisherman's House. An unattractive building facade diminished the importance of this place making it unpleasant for clients and visitors.

One thing was sure- Władysławowo requires plants and nature. Two models of the Flower Towers came with help: H2000 ½ i H2400. Densely planted beautiful flowers created colorful Flower Towers attracting every citizen and tourist. A unique shape of the planters allowed to create the effect of the flower spiral. Setting the Flower Towers in front of the City Hall and the Avenue of Sports Stars transformed both places. The planters were appreciated by the city council, citizens and tourists.

Władysławowo, Poland

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