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High design claim down to the details

The Karl-von-Drais-Schule in Mannheim offers better opportunities for students with an immigration background. An attractive new building with the latest equipment contributes to an inspiring learning environment. Attractive wash basins from Villeroy & Boch are installed in the classrooms.

The improvement of educational opportunities especially for children with an immigration background is the goal of Karl-von Drais-Schule in Mannheim. Established in 2008 as SEMA private school, it was renamed to Karl-von Drais-Schule in 2014. The Türkisch-Deutsche-Bildungsverein (TDB) is the responsible body, so the school is attended by predominantly Turkish youths. However, demand is rising among German students as well as those of other nationalities. Small classes, intensive support, and good learning conditions are the school’s strengths. In order to meet the steadily growing number of students and to offer the students an appropriate and attractive learning environment, a new building was constructed in Neuostheim at a cost of € 7.3 million and was inaugurated in November 2014. The school has a capacity of up to 650 students in pursuit of their secondary leaving examination certificate or general qualification for university entrance in order to be fit to meet the challenges of their professional future.

Welcoming impression

The ambitious project was planned and implemented by the architectural and engineering firm ES Planung based in Schwetzingen. The expansion, which is connected perpendicularly to the existing building, doubles the school facility to a total area of around 8,000 m2. “The modern architecture and the orientation to the City of Mannheim underscores our offering to open our school for students of all nationalities”, explained headmaster Nuh Duran. The transparent architecture of the new building with ample amounts of glass has an inviting effect. Expansive grounds with attractively designed steps to the east of the building enhance this impression.

Modern equipment

The students enter via glazed foyer combining all four levels in the new structure. The ground floor is the location of the administration and rooms for the cafeteria, training kitchen, and the music room. A total of 14 classrooms, an art room, and a computer room are located on the two upper floors. The basement level is dominated by the natural sciences with two rooms for handiworks and textiles. All rooms in the school are equipped with high-quality materials, modern teaching aids, such as “visuboards”, and lab equipment.

High design claim down to the details

Attractively designed wash basins from the “Memento” series from Villeroy & Boch underscore the design demands of the client and contribute to improved hygiene and the well-being of teachers and students alike. The wash basins are made of high-quality sanitary porcelain with the CeramicPlus surface treatment, which makes them especially easy to clean. Headmaster Nuh Duran: “The room and the equipment in schools can be seen as the ‘third teacher’. With the new construction, we are able to offer even better learning conditions for our students.” A refectory for the cafeteria and large recreation rooms complete the offering.


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