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Durrat Al Bahrain

David Ginoux

Minimalism on the Persian Gulf

The manmade island group Al Bahrain comprises six atoll, five fish-shaped islands, and two half-moon-shaped islands on which five-star hotels, residences, an impressive yacht harbour, and a golf course reside. Atkins Design Studio is responsible for the comprehensive planning of the area as well as for the architecture and interior design. A clear, clean architectural language was chosen for the appearance of the resort. Special attention was given to the equipment of 5,100 baths for 2,000 villas.

A series of countless villas line the 11 island coasts are surrounded by waterways, white sand beaches, and crystal blue sea. Cubic structures with surfaces in white and glass with distinct lines characterise the appearance. This puristic architecture should always offer a calming contrast to the constantly moving and changing element of the sea.

The bath as an oasis of calm

There are multiple baths in each of the 2,000 villas, because every bedroom must have its own bath according to Arabic tradition. The reduced form language which the architects chose is also reflected in each of the accoutrements. A total of nine collections from Villeroy & Boch were used, including the Pure Basic series furniture and wash basin, characterised by rectangular shapes and the especially white ceramic, the round form of the Sunberry series, and the extremely flat Squaro Superflat shower.

Durrat Al Bahrain

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