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Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, Barcelona/Spain

ZinCo GmbH

A vertical tropical garden in a 26-storey building

The 26-storey Renaissance Hotel at the Europe Square in Barcelona is an architectural masterpiece and enchants with its tropical flair and great recreational opportunities. The hotel consists of two 110 m high towers enclosing a glass atrium, which are connected with each other via a restaurant on the 14th floor, several bars, stairs and platforms. From the rooftop garden including a pool one has a magnificent view of the city. As soon as you set foot into the hotel you get the impression of being in a jungle and not in the very centre of Barcelona. Thus, the overall concept of a vertical tropical garden was realized successfully. Either in the entrance area, on each floor, in the restaurant area or on the roof terrace one is always surrounded by palm trees and manifold other tropical plants. The system build-up “Roof Garden“ based on the drainage element Floradrain® FD 60 offers an adequate substructure for the intensive plantings.

The open vertical garden with its 300 palm trees and other tropical plants
From the rooftop garden including a pool one has a magnificent view of the city.

Even the hotel's facade with its palm-shaped window openings arouses the observer’s interest.

The large palm trees were positioned within the planters by joining forces.

The tropical garden extends over the full height of the building, from its entrance, over the small balconies and landings, up to the roofs at about 100 meters of height.

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