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2VV Air Curtains

The brand new airport terminal in Pardubice is equipped with 2VV Air Curtains.

Pardubice city has a brand new Airport terminal. The terminal bears the name of the first Czech pilot Jan Kašpar, a famous native of Pardubice.

2VV is also a Pardubice “native” and we are therefore proud to see that the new airport terminals are equipped with 2VV Air Curtains. Right when you enter the new terminal entrance, you will be met by high-performance FINESSE Air Curtains specially designed for resessed ceilings installations such as airport terminals, banks and other similar buildings. After check-in and entering the transit area, you will find a very nice departure terminal equipped with STANDESSE Air Curtains from 2VV’s product range. You can also find more of 2VV’s products in the internal logistics areas of the airport, where INDESSE Air Curtains for industrial and logistics environments are installed.

2VV Air Curtains


  • Pardubice, Czechia
  • 2VV