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Sport bar & social club Food & Ball

Establishment: Food & Ball by Arkadiusz Milik

Location:  Shopping Mall Libero Katowice

Date: 2018

Project: Full Restaurant design and refurbishment

Areas of work: bespoke furniture, custom fit-out


Food & Ball is to be a place to watch football matches and meetings together with good food and

drink. It is maintained in the atmosphere of the best European sports pubs that we can find in

London or Barcelona.


We were tasked with manufacturing a stand out concept food pub that would attract the customer

and add value to the Libero Shopping Mall.

Our company was responsible for the implementation of the entire fit-out of the club interior. Part of

project was creation of a raise and a lodge with display and visual details, as well as personalized

boxes for clients and a restaurant counter.

The Food & Ball looks challenge was to produce the furniture, which allow to combined restaurant,

bar and lounge while providing areas for entertainment in music and sport.

Individual design features such as a glass displays, suspended wooden rosettes constituting an

element of lighting and comfortable velvet seats in boxes for customers create different but

complementing atmospheres in one space.

Creating this space gave us a unique opportunity to mix our skills both purely technical and

technological as well as design and planning skills.

Ideal for entertainment, beverage and food experiences a Food & Ball mixes the traditional bar and

the modern restaurant and that excites consumers – we are very pleased that we are a part of this

unique project on the Polish market.

Bespoke furniture production for restaurant
Bespoke furniture production for restaurant

Design and craftmanship by ATEPAA

Chairs and sofa for resturant

Bespoke furniture for restauratnt

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