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Hilton Hotel in Barcelona

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Gancedo Fabrics in Hilton Hotel of Barcelona

When it comes to undertaking decorating projects in hotels and restaurants, there are many interior designers who choose our fabrics. Textile makers since 1945, at Gancedo we design, manufacture and market fabrics, rugs and wallpapers, offering a wide range of products suitable for contract (flame-retardant, outdoor…) and in an assortment of styles. The Miramar Málaga and Mimosa and Hilton Hotels in Barcelona represent only a small selection of these.

Moreover, we have a specialist team in every showroom handling advice, making-up and installation, as well as maintenance, and acting as the sole interface with the client, greatly simplifying the project.

At Gancedo it is possible to create bespoke designs from start to finish, finding materials which are quality, hard-wearing and washable to suit your budget.

Hilton Hotel in Barcelona

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