Hofmann House

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A special style of villa

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has completed a new villa with 350 m² of living space in a beautiful landscape in Valencia and with an extensive view of the sea. The two-storey Hofmann House consists of an extruded roof and a half rear wall out of which the house offers the full transparency to the garden. An extruded roof covering along the direction of the floor in the shape of a T is the framework that provides the space to be lived in.

The house lies on a green hill in an extended plot and is defined by a floating roof above a stone platform. The self-supporting roof consists of a horizontal and a vertical section that extend over the complete length of the property and protect the house both from the summer sun and the curious glances of the neighbours. The ground floor of the house is completely covered in glass, which eliminates the differentiation between inside and outside. This is increased even more by using white marble both inside the house and on the pool terrace in front of the house.

The living areas are on both sides of the extended floor plan and enjoy an extensive view with ceiling-height glazing on three sides of the building. A white, box-shaped enclosure between the living/dining area and the office holds the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. This box-in-a-box design provides a private sphere and cleverly hides the structural supports for the roof. At the rear, low-level glazing made possible by the t-shaped cross-section of the roof protects the private sphere without reducing the natural lighting.

Fitting to this extraordinary design of the house, our classic JUNG LS 990 design was installed.

Hofmann House

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