Fougeron Architecture
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A sustainable house with a breathtaking view on the ocean

Forget about Jack Kerouac and his vision of Big Sur. The Fall House by Fougeron Architecture is nothing but a small piece of heaven. The 3-bedroom house is firmly anchored on the beautiful coast and gently follows its natural curve, hence offering a breathtaking view on the ocean. But again, a house needs a little more than massive windows to enjoy the great view.

The Fall House’s interior was meant to be a haven, protected from the harsh sun and winds of the outside. The long volume following the land is intelligently composed of glass on the North side and copper on the South side. The copper protects the house from the local weather, while the glass allows natural light to come in. Inside, the house is organized around a central glass library that separates the different living spaces.

On the side, a one-story block of concrete includes another bedroom. It is topped with a green roof that keeps this perpendicular wing well blended in the surrounding environment. The green roof also underlines the effort made to keep this house as sustainable as possible. Natural light, efficient heating and ventilation inside or an on-site wastewater treatment make the Fall House a bit more than a dreamy view over the ocean.


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