Bruno Menard
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The Stripe Collective brings a bit of digital punk to a gourmet burger joint

Gourmet chefs are increasingly turning to more plebeian endeavors. Perhaps these white-coated soldiers, decorated in Michelin stars, are trying to reinvent the wheel – or perhaps they just appreciate the tastiness of simple fare. Whatever the reason may be, it’s working out wonderfully for everyone involved: customers get a gourmet upgrade on traditional food and chefs get a new challenge.

Bruno Menard has three Michelin stars of his own, but he opened &Made in Singapore with the intention of serving up hamburgers, milkshakes and other classics. However, Menard is bringing his own touch to traditional diner deliciousness, and needed an interior design to match.

The Stripe Collective made it happen. Taking classic French bistro style, the Singaporean design studio added a mix of street art, pop culture, steam punk and graphic design, and they have dubbed the resulting mix ‘Transformative Digi-Punk’. Standard mosaic tiles form Atari-esque murals and Victorian fabric creates a circuit board pattern across the ceiling. Wrought iron railings and subdued subway tiles mingle with graphic prints and inked portraits. A bold and rebellious backdrop for deliciously defiant cuisine!