Glamuzina Paterson
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A cozy and cost effective house in New-Zealand

Auckland based architects Glamuzina Paterson designed a very special one-bedroom house for a couple on a very modest budget. Deep down you might think this is just another container house. But the Blackpool House reveals its charm once you step inside.

From the outside, the house stands as a black monolith, strongly contrasting with the flourishing nature of its surroundings, but it also fits in perfectly. Indeed, its verticality responds perfectly to the steep topography of the place thus creating stronger connections between the house and its environment. The simplicity and austerity of the the building’s shape and color underline this successful implementation.

The tower-like house has been designed for a couple with a very modest budget. The house is formed with 4 interior split levels and 2 decks that work to integrate the house into the landscape. The organisation on various levels gives the indoor spaces a particular meaning. It allowed Glamuzina Paterson Architects to differentiate the kitchen, the living room and the other living spaces without using a wall or some kind of separation that would have taken away the sensation of space.

The vast vertical space was then smartly cut down by the second floor. The two stories entangle with a mezzanine library that continues on the ground floor. Mixing various shades of recycled woods on the floor and long white wall finishes, creates a nice balance inside, as well as letting the sunlight do its job perfectly. The house is enveloped in a black metal cladding in which the interior seems like a cozy poche.