Porto Cruise Terminal

Luís Pedro Silva, Arquitecto
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Porto Cruise Terminal is a small port complex, initiative of the Administração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões, located at the South jetty in Matosinhos, Portugal.

The definition of a new cruise terminal had since its origin a double objective: improvement of the commercial efficiency and a better urban integration. That’s why the project integrates new buildings, berthing work and exterior spaces of public vocation. The main building magnetizes the complex sheltering several programmatic components: cruise ship terminal, marina facilities, the Science and Technology Park of the Sea of the University of Porto, event rooms and a restaurant.

It’s being implemented by stages. It is now functional for cruises ships, with the street and marina still remaining.

The proposal is largely dependent on the main building that is located within the Atlantic Ocean, 750 meters away from Matosinhos city and 10 km away via river-sea or road from Oporto Ribeira, the most requested turistic point. It constitutes a node between the 3 main functions: the new cruise ship quay, the new marina, and the new street linking to the city. It receives and sends dispatchers and addressees of this three “motivations” as it includes in the sea side the departure/arrivals rooms and marina facilities, and in the land side the Science and Technology Park of the Sea of the University of Porto and other functions.

Enchanted by the jetty's curve and by this intermediary commitment and role, it enlaces the curved blades generating and prolonging itself in the form of 3 main exterior tentacles and a fourth falling inwards, in an helical ramp connecting the internal functions within a quadruple height space.

The building is not very large, mostly when compared with the cruise ships it can shelter. From the beach side, one can realize that its place is clearly inside Leixões port, in such a manner that it faces towards the jetty, not revealing any openings and declaring a mysterious blind façade. The cover and the blade, summit and tilted, grant its personality profile. From faraway the building is read by its volumetry and by the sinuous white with all its nuances regarding light and atmosphere variation. Closely the arches and its texture appeal to proximity, involve movements and the body, inviting the look and the touch. At the accessible cover, the land and the ocean meet and distend the soft broadness that the calm eye can reach.

Porto Cruise Terminal