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Gastronomia, Bistrot, Pizzeria, Ristorante

Chef Davide Croce in October 2014 appointed us to refurbish a facility in the old town centre of Treviso in order to transform it into a restaurant-deli-pizzeria.

The primary issue for Davide, and his right-hand man Michele Pozzebon, was to have a venue to be likely to match up with their recipes.


While been delighted by his cookery we immediately realised how important the act of eating is for Davide: it is a rite that requires mindfulness, it is a moment for gathering. In fact a proper convivio.

We set off then to create an environment where the patrons could experience a sense of wellness given by the bond between his fare and our architecture. Furthermore, our concern has been to create a link between the interior design and the premises, dating back to early '900.

Prior to our intervention, the inner space appeared to be gloomy and poorly lit despite the presence of a veranda in the back. The choice of a light and bright colour palette then allowed us make the environment also suitable for daytime activities. Bardiglio marble, oak, iron and natural brass, skilfully handcrafted, enhance the relationship with the heritage of the building.

Vertical mirrors, amplifying the inner space, provide a sense of lightness and spaciousness; linen velvet textiles offer a soft and comfortable rest; lamps, tiles and fine finishes quote a past up with the times.

Demolitions occurred to define the internal circulation and the accessibility between the hall and the kitchen.

Finally, the veranda is perceived doubled in space thanks to the use of candid white for the surfaces and the placement of a broad mirror able to reflect the surrounding garden. Two benches, cut out from logs and polished, accent the feeling of freshness given by the sensation of being dipped in nature.