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Introducing the new SPARK Beijing office that provides a flexible working area together with its architectural and interior design.

The Liang Dian Design Centre on Dongsishitiao is home to the new SPARK Beijing office; occupying 500 square meters on the second floor of a three story office building form the late 1980’s.

An annex glass box had been added to second floor of the existing building allowing for the exterior brick façade to be experienced as an interior space.

“We looked at the present configuration of the space and decided to keep it uninterrupted while inserting our office program” says Spark’s Beijing director Jan Felix Clostermann.

The space is loosely zoned into a main work area, kitchen and gathering space, a large meeting room area, a model making room and smaller meeting room.

Demolishing the window up stands of the existing brick façade towards the glass box gave way to a much desired permeability of the space.

Alongside the main work space a continuous wall of metal cladded swivel doors allow for a playful and flexible configuration of “open and close”.

When closed the metal panels catch subtle reflections of the surrounding office environment, while becoming a 20m long “wall of imagination” inviting project teams to pin up- and discuss their work.

The model making room, themed as “the ply room” is accessible via multiple routes through an extreme vertical space of what used to be a stairwell core. The flux of the reception area, meeting room and kitchen can be discontinued via floor to ceiling swivel doors whenever activities require it.

“The architecture profession fuels on idea exchange, so we sought to provide open collaborative spaces that are fun, where people want to be” says Spark’s Beijing director Christian Taeubert.

SPARK Beijing Office

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