The Flower Towers will not allow the citizens to get bored!

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Świebodzin, the town in western Poland, first of all, is famous for the largest statue of Jesus Christ. The town is visited by dozens of tourists, therefore, the town authorities consistently decorate the Old Town Market Square and its surroundings.

Flowers in the town are just the common sight for the citizens. The Flower Towers H2000 and the hanging Flower Towers planted with the same flower arrangement have given to the main square the extraordinary look. The secret has to do with a successful realization- consistent, thought out concept implemented in the town by experienced professionals.

The hanging planters appeared on the street lamps around the Town Hall building and the standing Flower Towers were put at the entrance to the market square. Colored Surfinias combined with green Ipomoea standing out form the creamy background of the Town Hall, created unique arrangement of the urban space in Świebodzin.

Krzysztof Tomalak, the Deputy Mayor of Świebodzin, assures: “Everybody is delighted with the effect, which we can admire on the Świebodzin market square. When I saw how the constructions looked like I was positively surprised by the view. The flowers looked spectacular and I haven’t met anybody who would say something negative about the Flower Towers as the flowers look great and the effect is amazing.

Flower Tower H2000 + W600
Flower Tower H2000 + W600