aisaka architects’ atelier organizes japanese nursery around grassy playground

kensuke aisaka
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japan is a country noted in their unusual yet thoughtful kindergarten schemes that take pride in creating a safe and positive learning environment for children. a recent example is the ‘amanenomori nursery school’ designed by kensuke aisaka of aisaka architects’ atelier and located in funabashi city, japan.

the overall concept of the 1,000 sqm scheme was to facilitate 160 children in a secure and generous space easily accessible to outdoor playing. this led to the offices, admin, staff and kitchen being arranged on the outer perimeter between the entrance and nursery to ensure convenience and security. a man-made playground has been placed in the core of the a circular ring-shaped structure that is opened to the sky. along with planted greenery, decking, tunnels, slides and bridges – the courtyard is a popular and prominent area within the kindergarten.

orientated to receive the a lot of sunlight from all directions throughout the year, the semi-circle shaped garden encourages ventilation, while nurturing children’s interest to gardening. additionally, dietary education is highlighted to increase children’s appreciation and interest towards food. this is illustrated by the vegetable garden on the rooftop and glass-walled kitchen on the first floor.

each classroom offers sliding glass doors that lead onto the decking that faces onto the playground. round chamfering was used on the walls and railings to ensure safety, but also integrated into skylights and every edge of the building to create a motif of the design.

aisaka architects’ atelier organizes japanese nursery around grassy playground

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