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3XN, gottlieb paludan + KHR vie for BIO4 power plant project in denmark

Three danish practices have been chosen to advance to the second stage of a competition to determine who will design a combined heat and power plant adjacent to bjarke ingels’ amagerforbraending.

the three chosen firms are as follows: 3XN, gottlieb paludan architects and KHR architects, with bjarke ingels group / BIG and henning larsen architects missing out.

the assignment included the design of a new energy unit that would use biomass as a sustainable fuel. named ‘BIO4′, the program also includes administrative, laboratory, workshop and welfare facilities. as part of the competition’s second phase, the three teams are invited to a negotiated tender, with a final winner to be announced at the start of may. see below for more on each of the shortlisted entries.

KHR architects

for their proposed design, KHR architects has outlined plans for a huge 70 meter-tall waterfall to cascade down from the power plant’s highest point. designed with landscaping by kristine jensen architects, the scheme features a vast area of public space positioned adjacent to the structure.


3XN’s proposal expresses the need for people to be part of a sustainable dialogue with nature, and emphasizes the the requirement of synergy between production efficiency and nature’s raw power. the peninsula where the power plant is located is planted with trees that encircle the plant. consequently, this woodland symbolizes the story of sustainable energy production – from trees, to fuel, to energy.

gottlieb paludan architects

designed to reflect the shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources, the proposed scheme by gottlieb paludan architects is located behind a expressive cladding of vertical tree trunks. an observation deck is positioned at the top of the renovated structure, affording guests sweeping views of the project’s surroundings. the submission has been developed in collaboration with miller & grønborg as landscape architects, and speirs & major as lighting advisers.

entry by bjarke ingels group / BIG


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