Crossboundaries' reveals aimer lingerie factory in China

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Aimer, a major company that manufactures lingerie in china, commissioned crossboundaries architects to design their 53,000 sqm factory grounds which would reflect the strength and rapid growth of their enterprise

The entire compound is under one roof and comprised of conventional storage, areas of production and a 600-person dormitory and the resulting construction aims to bring together the production, brand building and employee well-being. internally, the architectural strategy involves taking into consideration of how the company’s products, their staff and visitors navigate within and between spaces. entering through the 12m high entrance area, vision is drawn towards the veil of slender white fins arranged at various inclinations which captures glimpses of the shop, museum and the main stairwell. the staff dormitory is located separately from the facility and recreational areas, distinguishing a clear sense between work and accommodation for the workers.

principal hao dong comments: ‘we have to break away from the imprisoning working environment, moving from disciplining workers to engaging communication and breathing within the factories.’

measuring at 13m from the ground, the distinctive feature of the complex are the voids that serves as access bridges, communal decks and allows for better air circulation to the lower levels. before construction, the architects had the knowledge that the company would use the building for all their programs, from the fabrication, showcasing events to conferences, the interior had to encapsulate a consistent brand image, landscape and signage that communicates the essence of aimer’s lingerie. however, not all of the industrious nature of the architecture has been diminished, this is addressed in the use of galvanized aluminum and concrete on the outer and inner façade whilst the the outer skin transitions from aluminum to a combination of aluminum and glass, allowing different levels of natural light required into each space depending on its program.

Crossboundaries' reveals aimer lingerie factory in China

the voids cut through the building allowing light into the public zones


timber decking serves as a bridge allowing employees to stroll and relax in the same place


the 12m high lobby invites visitors to the southwest corner of shop and aimer’s museum