Sections of Autonomy

Ga.A Architects
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The two curators of the exhibition at Pastificio Cerere in Rome, Luca Galofaro and Choi Won-joon, talk about the career paths of six young Korean architects and the context that formed them.

The new exhibition “Sections of Autonomy: Six Korean Architects” (until 21.2.2017) at Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in Rome explores examples of contemporary Korean architecture. Pictures, photographs, drawings and models illustrate the work of six of the most relevant architects on the national scene. The selected architects are Choi Moon-gyu (Ga.A Architects), Jang Yoon-gyoo (Unsangdong Architects), Kim Jong-kyu (M.A.R.U.), Kim Jun-sung (Architecture Studio hANd), Kim Seung-hoy (KYWC Architects) and Kim Young-joon (YO2 Architects). All of them began their practices in the 1990s and early 2000s, an era marked by political and cultural freedom in Korea.

In the conversation between the exhibition’s two curators, Luca Galofaro and Choi Won-joon, it emerges that they represent the first generation of Korean architects unconditioned by ideological pressure, meaning that they were free and able to express their individuality fully. Although their work is rooted in local culture, they are aware of what is happening internationally in their field. As architects they were successful in distancing themselves from their country’s preconceived system of references and values to elaborate upon today’s themes by means of diversified and amplified applications of the architectural language.

The exhibition display designed by LGSMA (Luca Galofaro Stefania Manna e Associati) is laid out in a linear route that begins with Choi Won-joon’s introduction to the show in the first room, and continues with six islands, each dedicated to one of the architects.

Sections of Autonomy