IDF Habitat headquarters

Stefano Sbarbati – Piuarch
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Stefano Sbarbati and Piuarch designed the IDF Habitat headquarters in Champigny-sur-Marne, France, which adapts its facades according to the exposure and the relationship with its surrounds.

The project lies along the northern and eastern boundaries of a parcel of land at the western end of Avenue Carnot, in Champigny-sur-Marne. This position permits a direct interaction between the building and its urban surrounds, and frees the heart of the parcel for the creation of a landscaped area. The building fits in this context with a structure solidly anchored in the ground, and adapts its facades according to exposure and relationship to its surrounds.

The distinction between the facades is accentuated: in the eastern, southern and western facades, the sunrays and proximity to the banks of the railway line lead to a protection of the interiors using a series of uniform permeations in the facade. In the north side, a continuity is created between the private and public spaces by opening the facade and creating a loggia facing the forecourt. The intention is to create a link between the users of the building and the public, between interior and exterior, through the use of the loggia as an intermediate indoor-outdoor space.

The spaces that face the forecourt need to respect its spirit. For this reason, the entry hall and the primary stairwell, as well as the meeting rooms, training area, double-height boardroom and rooftop terrace communal space, are all positioned in this area. In the centre of the land parcel, the garden is landscaped in order to create a continuity between the building’s property and the SNCF train line, enhancing the green area which cuts through the urban landscape.

IDF Habitat headquarters