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ministry of design's robotic facility in singapore features a hypnotic metallic skin

located in singapore, the spellbinding 243 sqm RACE robotics laboratory is developed by architecture practice ministry of design (MOD) for local manufacturer PBA systems. the space would serve the purpose of ‘educating, and introducing robots into automating existing manufacturing industries’, as described by MOD.

in terms of spatial experience, MOD was commissioned by PBA systems to shape the RACE robotics laboratory as a flexible unit where interchangeable modular robots can be featured and a series of training and lectures can be hosted. as a result, the facility carefully alters between a continuous open platform and a series of smaller clusters where training can take place. in other words, these activities and programs become part of an ‘engaging and future-forward spatial experience that denotes the idea of industrial automation and precision’, concludes MOD.

at the entrance level, individuals are met with a network of illuminated white lines that blur the boundaries between the blackened floor and ceiling, completely disorienting the visitors. yet, at some point, a large pivoting door opens up into a hypnotic room, adorned with metallic facades that dramatically contrast the dark-colored lobby. within this unit, the architecture is characterized by its deconstructed ceiling and walls – creating a sort of ‘second skin’ with mesmerizing tessellated effects.

‘each facet comprises stacked layers of hand-cut aluminium hollow tubing; rotating the direction of the tubes with every facet to create a bold multi-directional effect,’ explains MOD. ‘the aluminium screen cladding also serves to cloak the necessary but unsightly mechanical and electrical services while allowing ease of access for operation’. finally, installed as part of the deconstructed skin, a series of customized LED strips expose the multi-directional quality of the room.

aside from the architecture, MOD was also asked to complete the branding for the RACE facility – with an overall design that evokes modularity, precision and dynamism. hence for the logotype, the architects shaped it as ‘an expression of a complete form comprised of individual standalone parts’.

ministry of design's robotic facility in singapore features a hypnotic metallic skin


  • 505 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore 768733
  • ministry of design (MOD)