SML's lime-green suite resembles a futuristic spaceship cabin

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seoul-based architecture practice SML divides the space in the newly-designed hotel suite by color — instead of creating a separate room for facilities, the architects have set lime-green transparent glass bubbles covered with curtains for WC and bathroom. the setting features fillet corners, cove lights, and a levitating bed, which make the guest’s experience a space adventure.

the rectangular space of the SML’s room tricks the visitor’s perception — due to the lack of arris corners, the suite looks like a vacuum oval-shaped spaceship cabin. the white bed, set on a suspended podium illuminated from underneath, and lights, hidden behind the floating ceiling, complete the futuristic image of the space.

the other side of the room features four tiled ‘petals’ of similar lime color on the floor, which define four service zones — the entrance, WC, sink, and bathtub. these areas can be covered with curtains fixed above the floating ceiling, while the WC and the eye-catching red tub are enclosed in transparent glass space dividers set along the outlines of the petals for more privacy.

SML's lime-green suite resembles a futuristic spaceship cabin

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